Thursday, 29 May 2014

See ya, 'Merica

I am always surprised and shocked about how my mind/body is able to suppress certain memories, events and anything really.
My flight home to Germany leaves in about 17h and I am as calm as ever.
Every time I leave the US on a plane I am more or less sure that there will be a next time. Of course there will be a next trip to this amazing country but I am not sure when this will happen exactly. And in my mind, it will be to stay, for longer than a year at least. But because this is a slightly bigger adventure and needs careful planning (and I need to finish Uni before), I have no idea when I will come here next.
Too scary to think about.

See you guys on the other side!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sweet Home... Alabama?

the beautiful Providence Canyon in Georgia

Today we counted that we are gonna drive through 8 states, more or less. Right now we are in Alabama and I love the nature here so so much I can't stop looking out side the window. Windy roads, beautiful trees of all kinds, random swamp like areas, wild alligators behind gas stations, the bluest skies and the warmest air.
And all of that wouldn't be complete without us singing /or more screaming) along to this silly song:

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Alabama, Arkansas...

Alabama, Arkansas,
I do love my Ma & Pa
Moats & Boats & Waterfalls,
Alleyways & Pay phone Calls.

Home is when I'm alone with you.

I'm sitting on my hotel bed in Florida. Of course it is raining outside, although we planned on tanning here. Just our luck. So far we have watched James Blunt crowdsurf in Houston, met Rebel Wilson at a restaurant in Baton Rouge (they are just filming Pitch Perfect 2), saw some alligators in a swamp, visited the most beautiful plantations and then we drove through four states all the way until Florida.
I love love love the nature in Louisiana, the trees are all covered in Spanish moss and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 
Tomorrow we will hopefully go zip lining and see some dolphins on Friday. And fingers crossed it will not rain.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

off we go.

Exams are done, papers are done, last dinners and drinks and last times everything...
Right now I am sitting in this horribly empty room with packed suitcases that are way too heavy. A few more goodbyes tomorrow and then we are heading to Houston to see James Blunt and from Sunday on, we will be on the road. I am so so stoked to properly see the Southern States a bit better!!!!!!!!!! This is the route of our road trip and we have so many fun things planned, I can't believe it.

So long Austin, it has been a blast.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Feeling numb.

The days are just flying by, everyone is counting the days. Some of us because they really want to go home, but most of us shush each other when we talk about how little time is left.
I know I feel so sad about leaving this place, but not really. I feel numb above all.
Right now all I do is live day by day, trying not to stress about the massive presentations and papers I have due pretty much tomorrow. Every day I check off another presentation, another assignment, another last class. This is all great, but at the same time I am just rushing through these last precious days, just trying to make it.

Also my body just sort of decided to give up which means I am on antibiotics and steroids right now (haha I love saying that) because of a strep throat. arghh!!!!!! There could not have been a worse time for this. Anyways.
See you on the other side, when life is full of good stuff again.
That will be on Monday by 7.15pm.
fingers crossed.