Thursday, 31 January 2013

traveling 2013- PART 2 (Corfu)

It is weird and this idea comes from a simple brochure I looked at- I want to go to the Pink Palace in Corfu. It is an absolute party hostel and I am dying to go there.
Sometimes you just need those trashy sunny holidays.
And that is mine.

I wanna go on the booze cruise, do the cliff jumping and swim in to a cave-  sleep, tan and party.
fine with me.
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

St. Andrews

A couple pictures from our trip to St. Andrews on Saturday. We were so lucky with the weather, super nice sky and no rain at all. Miracle!
St. Andrews was cute but a little small and it seemed like all the students/people were hiding in the house on that day. Not sure what happened.
Anyway, we had really nice fish and chips in Anstruther and headed home afterwards.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

It's the little things...

that can make your day-
like the day when our landlord told us that we could buy a new toaster for up to 30pounds and he would reimburse us. Because right now, there is a hairband holding the thing down so the toaster does his job. Or you have to hold it down. ANNOYING!
So I remembered this amazing toaster that I saw on the internet and checked the price: 29,97 booyaaa
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Next week this baby should be with us and I AM SO EXCITED- it can boil and poach eggs, cook bacon and sausages and obviously toast the shit out of every kind of bread/bagel/roll.

So far Margaux has the theory that this is going to be like the sandwich toaster- use it every day for a week and then never use it again-

BUT I don't believe it. How can you get bored by toast and eggs?

Friday, 25 January 2013

my weekend...

is gonna be amazing, let me tell ya.
Friday night we are going to see Movie 43 (the trailer is hilarious), after that catch a bus to go to another cinema and watch Les Miserables. We just couldn't decide which one so we are gonna do both. So excited!
Saturday Mona and I are going on a bus trip to St. Andrews (sponsered by our lovely university) and eat Fish and Chips. I love the fact that we internationals get to go on free bus trips.
And Sunday I am hopefully not going to do anything- after working 4 days in a row my brain is a bit damaged and I am more than thankful for that break.

happy (almost) weekend!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

traveling 2013- PART 1 (Iceland)

Based on my ever changing travel plans these days, I thought this post series would be a good idea.
Just now it is Iceland.

I have always wanted to go to Iceland but pushed it aside a bit because of the expensive flights. And the other day I saw that easyjet flies directly (!!) from Edinburgh to Reykjavik- how crazy is that? Also, it is really not that expensive.
So here we go.

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Whale Watching 
Summer season is the best for whale watching- perfect!

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 The Blue Lagoon- this is so cool!

and the probably staying at this really cool hostel:
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Isle of Skye

These are pictures of the fairy pools that are on the Isle of Skye. They have this really clear water  and look super magical. I wanted to go there in the winter but it never happened. Probably for the better given the cold weather. So I will take my chance and see how 'warm' it is in summer. And the best thing- you can swim in them as well!

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

3 things on my mind

Mona and I bought tickets to seee them in Glasgow in April. I am so excited, have not found a band I liked so much in a long time. And they are not super famous yet, so the concert hopefully will be a bit more intimate- and amazing!

part of my january film diary
 I love letterboxd. You can keep track of movies you have watched, create lists, write reviews etc. I tried finding similar sites in the past but I never stayed with one because they were all missing something. So far I love it, especially the diary. Trying to keep track of all movies I watched and want to watch is something I really want to stick to in 2013 and it has been really fun so far. The website is still in their beta phase and you need an invitation to join. I have 3 invitations to give away, so just let me know if you want one.

She makes me wanna be a ginger!

(and yes, I changed the header. Don't know if I really like it, we will see)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

fun times ahead

Totally gonna learn that (you all have to watch Pitch Perfect, it is so good!) 

My exam is written and now I have one week of blissful nothing ahead of me- well, except for a bit of working. Life is good and I am excited for the next semester.

Monday, 7 January 2013

semester abroad ³³²³

(blue pins is where I have been)

Another update regarding my semester abroad. There are 3 universities in the States that I am considering (also because we can nominate up to three choices on our application) The uni with the free accommodation (Slippery Rock) is still in the game somehow, but I think I might have set my heart on Texas. It is a privat catholic university and I did a looooot of research and came to the conclusion that the whole catholic thing is not that big of a deal (I am not catholic). Nothing is being forced on students anyway and it seems to be a lovely university that also looks like modern Hogwarts (score!).
Now there are obviously still so many steps to take until this thing becomes reality, but I am psyched!
Fingers crossed xxx