Saturday, 19 January 2013

3 things on my mind

Mona and I bought tickets to seee them in Glasgow in April. I am so excited, have not found a band I liked so much in a long time. And they are not super famous yet, so the concert hopefully will be a bit more intimate- and amazing!

part of my january film diary
 I love letterboxd. You can keep track of movies you have watched, create lists, write reviews etc. I tried finding similar sites in the past but I never stayed with one because they were all missing something. So far I love it, especially the diary. Trying to keep track of all movies I watched and want to watch is something I really want to stick to in 2013 and it has been really fun so far. The website is still in their beta phase and you need an invitation to join. I have 3 invitations to give away, so just let me know if you want one.

She makes me wanna be a ginger!

(and yes, I changed the header. Don't know if I really like it, we will see)

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  1. want one! Please ;)
    Mmh, ich fand den alten header aber irgendwie besser, war immer sehr neidisch drauf ;) xoxo