Monday, 7 January 2013

semester abroad ³³²³

(blue pins is where I have been)

Another update regarding my semester abroad. There are 3 universities in the States that I am considering (also because we can nominate up to three choices on our application) The uni with the free accommodation (Slippery Rock) is still in the game somehow, but I think I might have set my heart on Texas. It is a privat catholic university and I did a looooot of research and came to the conclusion that the whole catholic thing is not that big of a deal (I am not catholic). Nothing is being forced on students anyway and it seems to be a lovely university that also looks like modern Hogwarts (score!).
Now there are obviously still so many steps to take until this thing becomes reality, but I am psyched!
Fingers crossed xxx 


  1. sind alle blauen Pins Standorte von anderen Partnerunis? Warum gehst du dann nicht nach San Francisco?!

    1. nein, schön wärs :)
      die blauen pins sind wo ich schonmal war-
      und texas war ich halt noch nie, deswegen.

  2. Achsoo, okay, schade..naja, dann nimm Texas!