Friday, 28 June 2013

Robbie Williams Concert {Take the Crown Tour 2013, Glasgow}

Phueew, I have anticipated this concert for soooo long and all of the sudden it was happening.It was a bit of a shame that I was going by myself, but oh well. The crowd was a bit strange to be honest, mostly middle aged women with pink glittery hats. Not sure who else I excpected though.

Now because he is still touring and I don't want to "ruin" the show for anyone, I will just put the rest of the post behind the cut. Don't read it when you are still going to see the show, I think it would just spoil a lot of the fun.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

People I met/saw so far {EIFF 2013}

We took this picture on the night on the Ceilidh and it was actually very awkward and embarrasing, so I would rather talk about the other time we met him! He came to our reception desk the on Monday, accompanied by another jury member (that's why he is at the Film Festival) and some other staff. They were showing him around and strangely went over to our desk, asked that we would be introduced (by names!)- And then the photographer of the Film Festival says she wants us to be in a picture with him. Hahahah OKAY!
So I am indeed in another picture with him. I really hope that woman uploads it soon or we have to personally stalk her and her camera. That was such a weird thing and usually really doesn't happen. I mean, we are just registration. SO yeah, that was that.

Now about all the other people. There have been quite a few people around, from EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Skins and all these other British shows I don't really watch.
But it's always fun to look them up on google and stalk them a little bit! I had to go to the train station quite a lot to pick up those people, stand there with a sign and bring them to their cars. My favorite was Andrew Douglas (picture click here), who directed 'Amytyville Horrow' and also 'uwantme2killhim', which is premiering at the Festival. He came with his beautiful wife (who starred in Scrubs and Princess Diaries!) and their beautiful little son. They were super nice and I am really excited to go and see his film. I wish I could have seen his Q&A, but that was at the same time as the Robbie concert. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Here we go, some more visuals of who I met/saw.

Jamie Blackley at the We Are The Freaks photocall
This is Jamie Blackley, who was in Misfits, Snow White and the Huntsman and is starring in two films premiering at the Festival: 'uwantme2killhim' and 'We are the freaks'.

Natalie Dormer on the red carpet for the European premiere of Breathe In
Oh yes, Natalie Dormer. From Game of Thrones or the Tudors. She was at the Opening Gala and is just sooo beautiful!

Director Drake Doremus and Felicity Jones arriving on the red carpet for Breathe In at the Festival Theatre
Felicity Jones and the director of 'Breathe In'. Saw them both at the Opening Night as well.

Robert Carlyle photocall prior to Radio 5 Live
Oh yeees, Robert Carlyle! He was in so many films I haven't seen yet, but right now he plays Rumpelstilkin in 'Once Upon a Time'. We went to a kind of personal event with him, where people could ask him questions after a really cool interview with a journalist. We also waited outside for him (haha we creepers) and got a picture with him as well as an autograph. He was super nice!

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King at a photocall for Battle of the Sexes at  the Dominion
Now this I thought was really cool- 'Battle of the Sexes' is a documentary about Billy Jean King and these so called tennis matches in 1973. We picked her up from the airport, so that was really cool! I also picked up the director of the film, who was really sweet. I really need to go and see this film now!

Alright, I think this is it so far! The Festival ends on Sunday with a Closing Party, so hopefully that's gonna be fun as well! I really loved seeing all these people, especially picking them up and talking to them.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Films I watched so far {EIFF 2013}

I feel like my days consist of working and sleeping and nothing else. Which is not true, but I definately don't spend that much time in front of my laptop anymore.
I feel that so much has happened during these last couple days that I cannot fit it into one post.
So to start with, here are the films I watched.

I went to the first public screening of The East and it was followed by a Q&A with the 
director, so that was preeetty cool. I loved the film, it was intense and thrilling and makes 
you hate the world a little bit. The cast was brilliant and the director explained how he 
and Brit Marling lived in this sort of community (thats portrayed in the film) for a whole

Magic Magic- I watched it last night because I like Michael Cera- this is so different
than what he has done before. It is set in Chile and very very beautiful, but such a
strange film! 

Frances Ha- We watched this as part of our staff training (how cool is that?) and I liked
it- it's in black and white and about a girl who is kina stuck between being young and
careless and growing up.

You and Me Forever- Now this is a Danish film and belongs to the strand of "Not
Another Teen Movie"- It's about two best friends and what happens to their friendship
when another girl moves into town and gets in between the two. Quite nice, although for
once I just felt that I am so happy not to be 16 anymore. 

Mister John-
I haven't heard amazing reviews from the others about this film,
but I wanted to see it anyway because I quite liked the story: It's about a guy
who goes to Asia where his brother lived and suddenly died. He kinda "slips"
into his brother's old life. It's a really slow film, only little dialogue. I imagined it
way more thrilling and full of action but I still liked it.

Shooting Bigfoot
Omg, this film was hilarious! It was the premiere and the director was sitting in as well. It's such an interesting documentary, mostly because of the characters in it. I loved every bit of it and would love to see it again - definately my favorite so far!

Ceilidh at EIFF {and famous people!}

Guests letting loose on the dancefloor at the 2013 EIFF Ceilidh 
 Now as it should, there was a ceilidh event happening couple days ago. Filmmakers, Industry people etc were invited to a night full of ceilidh dancing, whisky and haggis. Staff were allowed to attend as well so of course we went (I just love the free drinks). It was so so so much fun, my arms still hurt from the dancing. I really enjoy dancing ceilidh, especially when it involves a bigger group and the "choreography" is good. We even had one dance where the guys were swinging the girl in to the air (strange picture, but click here to see how)!
And to top it off, Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy!!!) was there and in a veeery awkward situation, we asked him for a picture.
And to make it even better- today he came to our reception and the official photographer actually took a picture of us with him. It was a magical day, let me tell ya.

So yeah, that night was preeeetty cool. Now all I wanna do when I grow up is to be invited to those parties. That would be a fun life.

and of course I am gonna share the pictures with the world, I just need to get a hold of them :D

Friday, 21 June 2013

The EIFF Opening Gala

via x
Ughh I am sitting here, trying to find words for the past two days (say what?). In a way, it feels like forever already. It's so strange how you meet all these new people and after such a short amount of time you already skipped the weird awkward introductionary (is that a word?) talks and just... I don't know, start being something else than people who just met. I remember it being the same with camp last year, it's just so different than when you meet in real life and it amazes me every time.
So anyway, last night was the official opening gala. They showed 'Breathe In' and then super fancy people only (and us) were invited to the gala in the National Museum. It is such a stunning location for a party!
And yes, we did see Felicity Jones and also Natalie Dormer (from Game of Thrones which I am not watching but I totally recognized her anyway haha) I am sure there were so many other celebs but man it's hard to spot famous people when you have to walk super slow in super painful (but pretty) heels. So we switched to flats after a while and danced the night away (always wanted to write that!)
And the best part was probably the photo booth (oh and the free drinks! and free food!)

So maybe I will manage to sort out the pictures from my phone and show you pictures of my co workers taking pictures with famous people while I am in the bathroom (fail).

Oh and this little video from the opening night:

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hashtag excitement!


Oh it's all so exciting!
Tomorrow I am going to start working at the Film Festival, which is officially starting on Wednesday. And Wednesday is also the day of the opening gala, to which we are invited.
And the dress code is black tie. Ooooh jeeez, hopefully all is going well and I will not trip with my precious heels (they are being widened in the freezer at the moment. umm yes)-

 So for the next two weeks it's all gonna be about films and famous people here.

Oh and of course interrupted by some (or loads of) Robbie Williams fangirling

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A new design {summery chevron}

I wanted to have a summer kind of design for a while and here it is!
Don't know how long I will like it, but for now I am happy. I love the chevron pattern and I really wanted the plane drawing back in it (which was the template for my tattoo, btw)

The background is from The Darling Blog, thank you!
The font used is called Sudestada and KG Flavor and Frames.

A queasy feeling {why I miss camp so much}

I actually planned on going back to camp this summer. But this was before our module called "Working in the Media" started and went on and on about how important it is to do internships during summer, to get in to the media business as soon as possible. Have a foot in the door. Experience.
I knew this, but at the same time I pushed this in to the back of my mind, just because it's easier not to think about it.
Because it's hard and annoying and frustrating, trying to get media jobs: You don't get jobs because you don't have experience and you can't get experience because you don't get any jobs. Fantastic circle of life.
Anyway, so I kind of decided to stay in Edinburgh for the summer and get internships, volunteer at the Fringe festival and all that stuff.  Actually it was the Robbie Williams concert that made me stay for the summer, but oh well. I really am happy with this decision, as it wouldn't be the same at camp: the girls from last year aren't going back either and a lot changed.

Sttilll, I cannot stop thinking about these little moments in camp, moments of pure bliss:

  • jumping in to the lake right after our breakfast shift and having it all to yourself
  • walking through the woods after it was raining for - never seen anything so lush!
  • driving to Walmart on days off and singing non stopp in the car
  • taking showers in the outdoor showers
  • kids making bracelets for you
  • beautiful sunsets
  • horse riding with Abby and Heather
  • naughty nights out
By now, camp has already started and reading facebook posts from the girls who are at camp is like a punch in the face everytime. I can exactly imagine what they are doing, what way they are walking to the dining hall, singing before every meal, singing all the time basically.
Because it's supposed to be the happiest time for the kids. And even though you don't always feel like smiling, the whole atmosphere is different. Different than in real life, where everyone is grumpy and complaining about work and money and the weather.
Not in camp.

It's hard not to think about it as this super happy place with all your friends. It actually was a summer full of hard and tiring (and poorly paid!) work, bitch fights, kids being annoying, ticks and mosquitos. But my brain likes to push that in to the back of my mind, too.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Pretty Germany {Castle Neuschwanstein}

When I visited Julia in Bavaria, we went to Neuschwanstein. I was so so excited because I have never been and it's such a fairy tale castle.
So we spent one afternoon going up to the castle and walking down the waterfall and sort of canyon and it was sooooo beautiful. The cows with their bells, the green mountains with still some snow on top... GORGEOUS!

But see for yourself...


Sunday, 9 June 2013

New stuff I love {being a material girl}

  My amazing new perfume, la la love it!

 Best friends just know you so well! Love this luggage tag I got for my birthday .

I bought this notebook (which I am gonna use as a scrapbook) in Hannover, in this Japanese store called Muji. So excited to fill it with all my scrapbooky stuff!

Bought this from Papertiger here in Edinburgh, just because it was so pretty. You can buy this for so many cities, even Edinburgh! Click here.
Pretty tin from the flea market and my new headphones.

And this is where I am sitting right now! The weather is unbelievably beautiful at the moment, so I am trying to get a tan from my window spot and hate my downstairs neighbours who are not even using their backyard.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

3 Film Festival treats! {EIFF special}

The Film Festival posters are all over town and the programm is out for a week now- I am so so so excited!
My personal highlight would definately be Emma Watson actually attenting the festival.
O.M.G. I am probably going to faint if I should see her up close (from far away I was already dazzled), nevertheless I am soo so excited for the premiere of The Bling Ring!

Shooting Bigfoot- I am just fascinated by things like this- Nessie, Bigfoot, ...whatever it is!

Struck by Lightning- What can I say, I am a sucker for teenie films. And I love Rebel Wilson.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My time in Germany {via Instagram}

Here we go, my instagram coverage of my time here in Germany. I would love to stay longer, just because the weather JUST GOT BETTER. urghs, I hate when that happens. I seem to be cursed with bad weather for some reason. But I won't complain, my birthday weather was perfect!

For editing of the pictures I sometimes used the fantastic new app from A Beautiful Mess, which has been released recently (for now only for the Iphone, but they are working on a Android version). 

So today I am already flying back to Edinburgh, trying to settle back in and get ready for the Film Festival and the rest of the summer!

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