Sunday, 9 June 2013

New stuff I love {being a material girl}

  My amazing new perfume, la la love it!

 Best friends just know you so well! Love this luggage tag I got for my birthday .

I bought this notebook (which I am gonna use as a scrapbook) in Hannover, in this Japanese store called Muji. So excited to fill it with all my scrapbooky stuff!

Bought this from Papertiger here in Edinburgh, just because it was so pretty. You can buy this for so many cities, even Edinburgh! Click here.
Pretty tin from the flea market and my new headphones.

And this is where I am sitting right now! The weather is unbelievably beautiful at the moment, so I am trying to get a tan from my window spot and hate my downstairs neighbours who are not even using their backyard.

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  1. oh, dankeschön für deinen lieben Kommentar!! :)

    Deine Bilder sind super - etwas neues ist auch immer ein Grund zur Freude, finde ich :99

    Du bist zur Zeit in Schottland? Da möchte ich schon so lange unbedingt mal hin..
    ich beneide dich :)

    alles Liebe,