Friday, 21 June 2013

The EIFF Opening Gala

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Ughh I am sitting here, trying to find words for the past two days (say what?). In a way, it feels like forever already. It's so strange how you meet all these new people and after such a short amount of time you already skipped the weird awkward introductionary (is that a word?) talks and just... I don't know, start being something else than people who just met. I remember it being the same with camp last year, it's just so different than when you meet in real life and it amazes me every time.
So anyway, last night was the official opening gala. They showed 'Breathe In' and then super fancy people only (and us) were invited to the gala in the National Museum. It is such a stunning location for a party!
And yes, we did see Felicity Jones and also Natalie Dormer (from Game of Thrones which I am not watching but I totally recognized her anyway haha) I am sure there were so many other celebs but man it's hard to spot famous people when you have to walk super slow in super painful (but pretty) heels. So we switched to flats after a while and danced the night away (always wanted to write that!)
And the best part was probably the photo booth (oh and the free drinks! and free food!)

So maybe I will manage to sort out the pictures from my phone and show you pictures of my co workers taking pictures with famous people while I am in the bathroom (fail).

Oh and this little video from the opening night:

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