Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ceilidh at EIFF {and famous people!}

Guests letting loose on the dancefloor at the 2013 EIFF Ceilidh 
 Now as it should, there was a ceilidh event happening couple days ago. Filmmakers, Industry people etc were invited to a night full of ceilidh dancing, whisky and haggis. Staff were allowed to attend as well so of course we went (I just love the free drinks). It was so so so much fun, my arms still hurt from the dancing. I really enjoy dancing ceilidh, especially when it involves a bigger group and the "choreography" is good. We even had one dance where the guys were swinging the girl in to the air (strange picture, but click here to see how)!
And to top it off, Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy!!!) was there and in a veeery awkward situation, we asked him for a picture.
And to make it even better- today he came to our reception and the official photographer actually took a picture of us with him. It was a magical day, let me tell ya.

So yeah, that night was preeeetty cool. Now all I wanna do when I grow up is to be invited to those parties. That would be a fun life.

and of course I am gonna share the pictures with the world, I just need to get a hold of them :D

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