Monday, 30 June 2014

EIFF Closing Gala Impressions

The Closing Gala for the 86th Edinburgh International Film Festival took place yesterday and was a full success. A beautiful venue in the Edinburgh College of Art with various rooms with beautiful decor and all a little French themed, hand in hand with the closing film, We'll Never Have Paris. (Go watch it if you have the chance!)
I absolutely loved the film, it is hilarious and well written by Simon Helberg himself (or probably better known as Howard Wolowitz). He and his wife attended the party as well and he even joined the jazz band in an impromptu session on the piano. I have the most respect for this guy, let me tell ya.

So here just a few pictures of the evening.

(see me in the coral dress?)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thinking about Texas and all.

Right now, everywhere I go is Texas. Or Austin.
Either in the location of the films I watched (Something, Anything or We gotta get out of this place), when talking about SXSW with Film Festival delegates, or in the TV show that was recommended to me (Friday Night Lights) or when Elijah Wood mentioned that he recently bought a house in Austin because he loves that city so much.
It makes my heart feel heavy and tight.

I love Austin. I love Texas.
Before going there, I was not really sure what to expect of Texas. Yes I know all the stereotypes, good and bad. Yes I was worried about crazy gun people, rednecks and those right wing conservatives I definitely cannot empathize with. And on top of that I am at a catholic school, where I am anything but religious.
But all of this does not matter.
It doesn't change the fact that the people there are by far the nicest I have EVER met. This so called Southern Hospitality is something I really really miss.
Let aside the politics and all that stuff, Texas is really such a fun place. It has crazy weather where you experience all 4 season within one day, but at its best, it has the bluest skies and warmest days that will just warm your heart and make you so so happy. I have no clue how I survived the long Scottish winter, with no sun for such a long time.
Austin is an amazing city, so healthy and so fit, trying to be environmentally friendly, so beautiful, loads of things to do in warm weather, great bars, restaurants, FOOD TRUCKS, a huge student city... it feels exciting and new to walk these streets but also like home.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Oh Scotland, I forgot how much I love you.

To be honest, ever since I got of the plane here in Edinburgh I have been a bit taken aback at first. I had Scotland put down as this place with very nice and helpful people. When I got here, I was reminded what it actually is. The people here are polite. But real friendliness, in my opinion, is something very different. Something that I experienced in Texas to an extent that blew my mind. So coming back here was different than I expected, but after over a week I have fallen back in love with Scotland.

It's traditional Scottish dancing to the best folk music, at best played live obviously.
I will definitely have one at my wedding, no matter what.

Like last year, the Edinburgh film festival put one on and it was a blast. Such a good crowd, you literally felt it in the air how much fun everyone was having.

(btw the right video actually shows me dancing, haha. pink dress and ponytail.)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Note to myself: post more.

random photo booth picture

So the Edinburgh Film Festival 2014 is in full swing which means my days consist of commuting between the train station, the airport, our registration desk and cinemas. I am volunteering in the same position as last year, so I greet people at the airport/station or just register them/ give them their festival passes. It's good fun, especially because a few of my friends from last year came back again. And I just love this festival.

So far it's been really good being back in Edinburgh. I love the streets at night, being able to walk almost anywhere or just hop on a bus. Having my own kitchen, making my own food (all of this was not happening in Texas) and just being more independent again.
Not just independent, but actually having a room to myself again. It's weird, to be honest.

But that's another story, another post.
I WILL POST MORE, I promise.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Gotta love summer movies.

I love summer movies.
And by that I don't necessarily mean movies that take place in the summer, but movies released in the summer. It seems there is a lightness to them, they are just easy breezy with a good heart. And particularly I am looking forward to these six movies:

I have read the book a while ago and loved it, so I am super stoked for this movie. And I love the actress Shailene Woodley!

Aww, Daniel Radcliff with his English accent. Cute!

The typical summer movie with girls about to go to college. Love it already!

How cool is this idea?

Deep movies about rich kids. haha

Jamie Blackley was at the Film Festival in Edinburgh last year and he is so cute.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'll be alright.

an updates version of all the states I visited in the US

I really really don't know why I find it so hard at the moment to keep this blog going. I have sooo many pictures to show, so much to tell you. It's just all in my head and doesn't want to get on to this blog for some reason. 

I am back home now, in Germany. My summer plans are similar (if not almost the same) to last summer: Move back to Edinburgh, volunteer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, then work again at my Fringe job. I am so so so ÜBER excited for the festivals, especially for the film one. The program is out now (click here) and there are great films coming to the festival as well as great people. Elijah Wood, for once- and then Simon Helberg, who plays Howard in the Big Bang Theory. How cool is that?

Other than that, I feel like getting rid of all my stuff. I had so much trouble coming back from the States- excess luggage wherever I went, seriously nice airport staff that didn't charge me for it, but also me leaving SO much stuff in hotel rooms because it just wouldn't fit. Denise called me a hoarder, but I just really don't like wasting stuff. Ugh.
So in a way I am looking forward to Edinburgh and re-moving back in to my room, but this time without unnecessary clutter and all of that. We will see how that goes.

 Okay summer 2014- here is to warm nights, beers in pubs, picnics in parks, making new friends, seeing old ones again, cooking in my own kitchen, gettin rid of stuff, not wearing socks, taking more pictures, watching more movies, discovering more of Edinburgh, mentally preparing for the last year in Scotland, planning da future.