Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thinking about Texas and all.

Right now, everywhere I go is Texas. Or Austin.
Either in the location of the films I watched (Something, Anything or We gotta get out of this place), when talking about SXSW with Film Festival delegates, or in the TV show that was recommended to me (Friday Night Lights) or when Elijah Wood mentioned that he recently bought a house in Austin because he loves that city so much.
It makes my heart feel heavy and tight.

I love Austin. I love Texas.
Before going there, I was not really sure what to expect of Texas. Yes I know all the stereotypes, good and bad. Yes I was worried about crazy gun people, rednecks and those right wing conservatives I definitely cannot empathize with. And on top of that I am at a catholic school, where I am anything but religious.
But all of this does not matter.
It doesn't change the fact that the people there are by far the nicest I have EVER met. This so called Southern Hospitality is something I really really miss.
Let aside the politics and all that stuff, Texas is really such a fun place. It has crazy weather where you experience all 4 season within one day, but at its best, it has the bluest skies and warmest days that will just warm your heart and make you so so happy. I have no clue how I survived the long Scottish winter, with no sun for such a long time.
Austin is an amazing city, so healthy and so fit, trying to be environmentally friendly, so beautiful, loads of things to do in warm weather, great bars, restaurants, FOOD TRUCKS, a huge student city... it feels exciting and new to walk these streets but also like home.


  1. My Hometown!! Love this City - you've hit the nail on the head with the fit, environmentally conscious and clean. Come back!! xxx

    1. Thanks for commenting Kate!
      I actually have a couple of questions for you, can I email you about that?