Monday, 2 March 2015

How to survive the winter in Sotland

As I am writing this, it is snowing outside. SO I guess even though it is March, this post is still relevant. This post goes out to all the poor people who do not have double-glazed windows, an efficient heating system (or central heating for that matter) and are living in Scotland.

1. Lounging in the house with a cute tank top and tiny shorts is NOT HAPPENING. It looks cute when they do it in H&M catalogues, but you can do that when you have a lot of money to spend on electricity or live in Spain. Instead, wear everything you own- plus a hat and fingerless gloves so you can still type on your computer.

2. Hot drinks are a must. It can be a super fatty amazing hot chocolate, a sugary cafe latte or simply tea. Because you have to drink lots of this to stay warm, I recommend the latter. Or whatever.

3. Cheating is allowed, and I highly recommend electric blankets. All my friends are super snobby when it comes to this (because apparently I will burn to death in my sleep), but THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING! Also if you have the nice ones, the blanket automatically turns off after 3 hours or so. It will make your life worth living again, I promise. Or if you are broke, go for a hot water bottle. That's okay too.

4. Netflix. There is nothing to explain here really- but you have a massive library of films and series right there, in one spot- and you don't have to move all day. Other than to pee and make tea of course.

This pretty much explains my life at the moment. Staying at home, writing a dissertation, making tea, complaining about life, watching Netflix to procrastinate, make tea, writing some more and then going to bed. Ahhhh I am so ready for spring!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Guilty pleasure TV shows

Some days, when Margaux and I are "working from home", we end up in front of the TV watching these lovely daytime shows. There are a lot of different shows, some of them make us yell at the TV, some make us hide in the blankets because of crrrrringe,but then there are these shows,...that make us shed tears of happiness.

The first one up: Undercover Boss Canada.
Oh my, this show! The big boss of a company goes undercover and pretends to be a new employee within their company, to find out how employees are doing and so on. They always find the most amazing people who sacrifice so much for their work and have sad life stories. In the end, the boss shows their real identity and gives amazing gifts to the super good employees. AND THEN EVERYONE CRIES. It is great the best.

My personal guilty pleasure- The Millionaire Matchmaker. I don't know what I exactly like about this show, but it is weird and makes you cringe and awww and then cringe again. Especially when Patti yells at all the men for not complimenting their women.

Oh and this one. All these "housewives" and their lives. Women hitting each other, throwing Botox parties, and so many other things. It's just such an easy watch, and it gives you all the emotions. Fury, hate, anger, jealousy, disapproval and all their friends. Haha.

So here you go, out guilty pleasures.
What's yours?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


holding the rainbow in the Lake District

Seeing that February is pretty much over (on Saturday), let's do a recap.
I actually made a February resolutions-goal list haha, and of the five things I only crossed one off. Writing my dissertation was/IS one of them and that did not really happen, haha oh jeez. Although I have to give myself credit, I will continue writing it starting Thursday. I still have class at the moment and other silly essays hat priority. But Friday, let me tell ya. Everything will be different from that day. I have been sick for a week now, I got a stupid cold that turned in to me turning half deaf. FUN! I live in this super fun bubble at the moment in which I can only hear myself really loud (in my head!) and everyone else... not really. For writing essay that was actually not that bad.. but for going to lectures.. not that much. So I am praying that this will go away- like NOW.

What else happened in February? Not much, I think.
Much writing essays, thinking about dissertation, not really writing dissertation, thinking some more about dissertation, (still) not panicking about it, a few cinema dates, a few gym classes, two beautiful bus trips that earned me some money, and a lot of blanket cuddling-radiator hugging-comfort food eating days. Oh well, it is still winter. 

So bring it on March!
Maybe making this a bit more public will motivate me more. 

go to a hot yoga class

write my effing dissertation (THIS IS NOT A DRILL JOYCE!)

go crazy for St. Patrick's Day because I finished my dissertation draft (see above ><)

slowly get rid of things I don't need (our move out date is end of May, help!)

finally go to all the art galleries in Edinburgh

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

6 favorite Oscar moments

1. Arquette's acceptance speech

After watching 'Medium' for years, I really do like her and it was good to see her on the big screen for once!!!! I am all for acceptance speeches that go beyond 'thank you mommy and the academy', and this is one of the good ones from this year.  How can you not like her? And Meryl Streep's reaction haha, amazing. U go girl!

2. Legend's acceptance speech
Goosebumps! Standing ovations and crying is a tough combi 
3. Chris Pine crying
This is pretty much a follow up of the previous moment,  BUT OMG HE IS SO PRECIOUS!!!!! THAT KILLED ME. Beautiful men crying this beautifully... Can't handle this shizzle.

4. The dresses obviously 

5. Anna Kendrick 

I remember watching 'Up in the Air' and thinking that she must really be going somewhere...  And I never ever thought that this will be it..  It absolutely amazes me to see someone to become so successful within only a few years....  And the whole singing thing, jeeez why is she so talented?!

6. Graham Moore's acceptance speech
I wanted to only share five moments, but how can I chose? This was gorgeous and so heartbreaking. Generally, I thought Neil Patrick Harris held back quite a lot (although I loved his first joke), and Sean Penn is such a (racist?) weirdo, but I love the excitement and the show! And obviously we took this opportunity to make loads of food and lapse into a food coma. Yay!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Trailer Love. Spring is gonna be awesome!

Pitch Perfect is a film I could watch everyday. When I need cheering up, I watch the scene of the final competition (IT'S JUST SO GOOD) and when I want to clean my room with some entertainment in the background, I put this film on (it obviously never ends well and I just watch it and don't clean). When I was travelling through Louisiana last May, they were shooting near Baton Rouge (they are using the University campus there) and we ran into Rebel Wilson in a restaurant! Such a weird and cool moment. Ever since then, I am just buzzing for the premiere of the sequel- and it's almost here!!!!
Right now I only know two categories: before and after dissertation submission.
So anything in spring means that the dissertation is over, aah so exciting!
Here we go then, films I am super excited for: