Saturday, 1 August 2015

post holiday blues

the crew
I wanted to write a whole post about our week on the yacht, but I don't think I can - yet. It has only been about a week that I am back and the carefree holiday time already seems ages away. The idea that -about one and a half weeks ago- my life consisted of nothing but salt water and laughter is so strange to me.
I was completely and utterly in love with life that week- I forgot about every worry I ever had, completely ignored my emails and the prospect of living in bloody cold England really soon.
The only thing I worried about in the morning was finding a toilet that was not on a boat (the boat toilet was smelly and gross, and we only used it in emergencies haha).
The skipper would serve breakfast every morning, and often we would have it surrounded by the most beautiful crystal clear water, which also meant we could jump right in after to swim with little blue fish. With wind in your hair, salt on your skin and the sun in your face we would sail to the next island. If you wanted it badly enough, dolphins would come up for air close to the boat. The first few hours of sailing actually had me speechless, that's how blissful it was. Being on the boat every day has a certain magic to it- every song sounds better and every beer tastes better than in real life.

The evenings might even be my favorite (what am I saying, every time was my favorite)- it would cool down just a little bit, so you could still have dinner outside. All our dinners that week were so good- seafood so fresh, meat so good and wine so tasty you just don't want to stop.
At night, we sometimes lay on deck to star gaze. The shooting stars were so impressive they give you goose bumps while you lie there next to your new best friends. 

These memories are so precious to me but painful at the same time.
We had such a good time with these boys, and the fact that they live in Australia is reason enough for a daily heartbreak. Add this to the lack of sunshine and yachts in Edinburgh... ..there is nothing more you need for a real and painful post holiday blues.

Thursday, 30 July 2015



Oh my, I guess I took a proper summer break here.
Let's catch up then- At the end of June, I moved out of my flat in Edinburgh (horrible and sad) and flew home. I spent some time at home (during the heat wave, yay!), which was actually really nice and felt more relaxed than usual. In July, I flew back to Edinburgh with my mum and my sister and GRADUATED! I loved the whole day but also felt like crying most of the time (happy tears of course). Seeing everyone together, taking fun pictures in the glorious sunshine, drinking champagne and eating strawberry tarts... best day ever.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I am glued to my screen...

Edinburgh just experienced a major heat wave that lasted maybe 4 days. Now that's over, temperatures are back to normal (a summery 12 degrees) and everyone is back inside.

The good ol' internet is my best friend again. Here is what got me glued to my screen this week.

I am sure every already knows Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, and are probably the most successful bloggers around. One of them is moving to Nashville and recently bought a house there and this video shows Elsie giving a tour of it. Maybe it's because I am currently putting my life in boxes and getting rid of all the pretty things in the flat, but I just got so excited for a new flat/house (and also to see what Elsie is gonna do with that space)!

This just came to Netflix. I am not as excited as I was last year about season 2, but still- a really good show.

Aaaah Netflix again. Sense8 is created by the Matrix-brothers and even though I am not necessarily a massive fan of their work, so far I think this show is just incredible. It took me a few episodes to really get into it and Max Riemelt's presence definitely helped with that (even though I still dislike the way they deal with other languages and just pretend everyone in the world magically speaks English). I really like most of the characters and some parts of the dialogue are so smart that I have to stop the show and just process what they just said. Summer is always a bit of a slump in terms of shows so I am happy I have a lot more hours of this show ahead of me.

Friday, 12 June 2015

One line a day...

On my birthday, I bought myself this little book. It's like a diary, but every day you only write a few lines (or one line, see the title, haha). The book has room for five years, so I thought it might be cool to start now and finish when I am thirty (or maybe not a good idea, even writing this makes me anxious). I still have some sort of hope that 30 will be this magical age with job and maybe some savings, but who knows. This book will certainly be documenting that weird journey.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

BIRTHDAY shenanigans #3

Last but not least, the final part of my birthday- the parteeeey. I made dinner, we had drinks and continued drinking and eventually went to a club. The flat looks pathetic at the moment, most of our stuff is gone or in boxes and  everything just looks really plain. So sad!

all of the peeepzzz


unwrapping all the boxes that Julia gave me