Sunday, 28 February 2016


It's finally Oscar Sunday (even though by the time we watch it it'll be Monday, but hey) and therefore my favorite day in February. While in other years we have gone all out in terms of food and Oscar Bingo, this year (and I blame this on my Uni peeps) it was all about the films and who is going to win. In a way this is obviously what it should be about, but this year we raised the stakes a little and created our own Oscar pool, with money and all. SO IT IS ON! I think I have never seen that many nominated films before the ceremony, hands down. I will list some of my favorites down below. Anyways, everyone in our group obviously wants to win and prove that we know what's going down in Hollywood and sometimes that ain't pretty. So let's all hope I will be the glorious winner of 20 quid (and therefore beat my teacher, who is also taking part) haha.

Meanwhile, we are obviously still very excited for the food opportunities. 
I am OBSESSED with these popcorn cakes/balls- for tonight, I will make the slightly easier cake version on the left side. Loving the sweet and salty combination. You can find the recipe here.

If you also want to create your own last minute Oscar pool, here you go.

My favorite Oscar nominated films this year are:

Honestly, the first 40min of the film are pure WTF. But then this weirdo of a film just starts to grow on you (and this is coming from a strong disliker of action films haha)

I have been looking forward to this film for what felt like ages. Brie Larson so deserves that Oscar!

Just a great film and so impressive coming from a first time director!

Everyone (!!!!!!!!!) needs to see this film. I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH and I want it to have 2356 sequel babies.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

A new header!


We have a new header, ladies and gentlemen!
A very big shout out goes to my lovely friend Mona, who helped me when I struggled with photoshop ("you know you can edit pictures in Word, right?"  hahah ). 
I also changed the welcome image to your right and parts of the "about me" page.

Other than that,
have a great Sunday!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Business Card Inspiration

In preparation for Cannes, I need to get some business card printed.

My Pinterest boards are proof that I am a freaking sucker for anything printed that's also pretty. Notebooks, postcards, wall prints and other uselessful things- you name it. However, I can't buy all these beautiful prints because I already have way too many for my one bedroom- and it's too expensive. So my compromise is my digital life: I LOVE changing my desktop and phone backgrounds a lot because I can always find prettier designs. Choosing the design for my business card (which you actually give to people, so even more important) is HARD! You have to think about what you like personally, but also what you think other people will think about it and what it says about you. Clearly, I like pretty things. But does my business-card-recipient care about that? I'm not a designer, so maybe not so much.

There are my absolute favorite designs I found on Zazzle. It's like business card heaven. So here are my favorite designs. Nothing more boring than plain business cards, am I right?

Don't even get me started on the format. You can have square ones, round edges and skinny ones. How do you even choose? I love when you play around with the profession- there are so many clever ones for marketers, designers, photographers.. or whatever really! Pinterest has amazing suggestions, if you are looking for some inspiration. I have embedded a widget to a board for business card inspo. Personally, I eventually went for the turqouise/golden design in the top right. Hopefully they will look just as amazing in real life!

If you want to make your own customised business cards from any of the designs above, just click down here. You can get 25% off business cards until the end of April with this code: BIZCARDEAL25.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Cannes Film Festival

Today I thought I am gonna talk about THE MOST EXCITING THING that is going to happen this year (well, that I know of at least). Part of my course is a placement in Cannes during the super famous film festival. I remember having a slight heart attack when I read this on the course website, months before even applying. I mean, this is the most prestigious freaking film festival in the world and we are supposed to WORK there this year? 

The devil is in the details I guess, because we don't just get assigned a company and off we go- we have to apply and get a placement ourselves. However, the uni provides us with an apartment and flights, so that makes everything much easier. 

I cannot tell you HOW excited I am- every time I think about it it feels too absurd (it's not like we are gonna walk the red carpet next to Leo, but STILL!). I can't wait to be in the middle of it all, see how films are being sold and bought and hyped and destroyed. And because all of this is really exciting, my resolution is to film (or vlog, I guess) everything I can- and if it's not too embarrassing I guess I will share it here, haha. 

So yeah- May will be one exciting month!