Tuesday, 21 April 2015

ROAD TRIP// Glen Etive & Kilchurn Castle

So I have been living the life of freedom this past week and as I said, it feels awesome. To top it off, a lovely friend from home came over to visit me. I knew I wanted to go to the highlands with her, which is why we rented a car and took a few other Germans with us (haha) (also I didn't drive the car, the left side driving thing is still too scary for me).

This was our route I think- we drove to Kilchurn Castle, and then along the beautiful and weirdly deserted B8074 we stopped to have a picnic- we picked a beautiful day and it didn't rain AT ALL. It was already afternoon when we drove to Glen Etive and drove all the way until we got to Loch Etive. On the way home, we stopped in Callander and had dinner.

It was an amazing day, I just love the highlands and having your own car means you can pull over whenever you want- which we did like a million times.

Alright, brace yourselves for a picture heavy post.

One of the lochs we stopped at just to take a picture.. and I already forgot which one this was...

This beauty was so still, the mirror image is perfect.

Obviously we couldn't pass on the photo op.
I defff wanna have a jeep one day. They just look too cool and seem really practical haha

Kilchurn Castle!

View from Kilchurn Castle
We are photo obsessed.

View from the castle.

Denise is a very skillful photographer

Yes yes, there she is.

I think this is already Glen Etive
It has the most beautiful river with shiny glittering water that you just wanna swim in.

At the very end, Loch Etive.

Alright I will end it here, I am super tired and I have a lot more pictures coming of other stuff... who is ready for some more Edinburgh?

Sunday, 12 April 2015


3 days early, this bugger is out of my way! Julia and I nervously submitted our dissertations on Friday, followed by a lunch in the SUN! Scotland has finally seen some sun and everyone freaked out, obvvviously. Since then, I have done a lot of nothinggggggg and it is GREAT! 
I hoovered my room, painted my nails, chucked a ton of dissertation drafts and spent all Saturday in BED. OH sweet freedom!
2 more essays to go, then this uni thing will be officially over...(well until graduation in July, woohoo!)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

All things BACON

x x x
Aw Bacon, my one true love. Maybe you remember when I made those Chocolate Beer Battered Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Frosting. And it was ah-mazing. The combination of chocolate and bacon is ridiculously good, but the frosting is unbelievably good. 
Recently I stumbled upon this recipe, for a chocolate pound cake with bacon bourbon frosting. UM, NOOOM?! My flatmates are just as obsessed with the sweet and salty combination of bacon and...anything, really. So I made this cake for them when they submitted their dissertation. The recipe is not the most difficult, but it does take quite a while to make and I am probably the messiest baker in the land, so I don't even want to talk about how the kitchen looks like right now. OOPS. But the cake is amazing, let me tell you.

The recipe calls for two baking pans that are the same size, and I didn't have that- so I had to use one bigger and one smaller, round one (see picture). Oh and I also used whisky instead of bourbon, which turned out really good too. It looks quite different to the original different, but I guess that happens when you use slightly different ingredients. Anyways, this calorie bomb is SUPER SUPER yummy, and will send you in a delirious sugar shock that is well worth it.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to get strong eyebrow game

We all need eyebrows, don't we? Otherwise we would look like this...Not so cool.

About two years ago, I heard about the Benefit Brow Bar and when it came to John Lewis here in Edinburgh, I had to try it out. Benefit waxes and tints eyebrows and creates a shape that suits your face. They are like magicians, I am telling you. They can bring out the best shape the way you never could do it yourself. Thanks to a beautician in my village in Germany, my eyebrows have not been horrible per se. But I plucked them myself and it's one of those dangerous activities- "just one more hair, then I will stop"- and all of the sudden you end up with something like this.

This is a little video I found on YouTube to show you what they do.

Now I sadly don't have a glorious before and after picture of my eyebrows, but I guess these come close:

It's not just me, look at other results from the Benefit Brow Bar: x and x and x   So I started going to Benefit regularly now, about every six weeks or so. I used to get them tinted too but rarely do so anymore. My eyebrows are naturally really dark and I barely see a difference, so I just get them waxed. Ever since, I have turned about five of my friends in to benefit-believers and we never looked back! I cannot stress enough how amazing they are, every time they just make you eyebrows look so much cleaner, more defined and more out there. In the UK, it's 11£ for just the wax and 18£ for a wax and tint. Not super cheap, but definitely worth it!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bye March, hello April!

March is seriously over. It was not anything like spring, I did not feel like spring was coming most of the time, but hey- this is still Scotland. In my previous monthly summary post I shared this to do list for March and I can proudly say I checked almost all of the items! Most of the time this month I felt like a caveman, just getting up every morning and sitting at my desk ALL.DAY. Exhausting and boring.

go to a hot yoga class

I did have it planned, but then something came up. However, there is a yoga studio on my street (!!), so I have like no excuses.

write my effing dissertation (THIS IS NOT A DRILL JOYCE!)

I mean it is not finished, but I have a full draft and I cannot wait to be over and done with it.

go crazy for St. Patrick's Day because I finished my dissertation draft (see above ><)

I didn't even have my draft finished back then haha, but St. Patrick's Day cannot be ignored, no no.

slowly get rid of things I don't need (our move out date is end of May, help!)

Does it count that I booked a flight home in May and that I will bring back a full suitcase of just useless stuff? I am hoarder, I admit it. I love keeping things because I think that one day, I will need them. Sometimes that has been true, most of the time probably not. Haha

finally go to all the art galleries in Edinburgh

Okay it was definitely not all of them, but I went to the one I really wanted to go to for ages!

Alright April, what have you got in mind? I cannot believe it is actually here- we survived winter more or less (although I am scared of our electricity bill), the semester is pretty much over, I have time on my hands... what??! My friend who's been wanting to come for ages, is finally coming over for a visit- SO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait to show her Edinburgh and be a tourist again as well for a bit...so yes, April should be good!

take touristy pictures of Edinburgh
celebrate like there is no tomorrow
finish my last assignments - and Uni- with a BANG
go to a hot yoga class (for realz)