Monday, 15 February 2016

Cannes Film Festival

Today I thought I am gonna talk about THE MOST EXCITING THING that is going to happen this year (well, that I know of at least). Part of my course is a placement in Cannes during the super famous film festival. I remember having a slight heart attack when I read this on the course website, months before even applying. I mean, this is the most prestigious freaking film festival in the world and we are supposed to WORK there this year? 

The devil is in the details I guess, because we don't just get assigned a company and off we go- we have to apply and get a placement ourselves. However, the uni provides us with an apartment and flights, so that makes everything much easier. 

I cannot tell you HOW excited I am- every time I think about it it feels too absurd (it's not like we are gonna walk the red carpet next to Leo, but STILL!). I can't wait to be in the middle of it all, see how films are being sold and bought and hyped and destroyed. And because all of this is really exciting, my resolution is to film (or vlog, I guess) everything I can- and if it's not too embarrassing I guess I will share it here, haha. 

So yeah- May will be one exciting month!

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