Thursday, 31 December 2015

Recap of 2015

Ahhh 2015. You know that feeling when you already know that a year is going to be special? For the past 4 years I knew that this was gonna be the year I graduate from university. I knew that I also had to make a decision about what to do after I graduate. Scary! If this year wasn't about making big changes, I don't know what year was!

So let's see:
  • I wrote my dissertation!
  • I graduated from University
  • I got accepted into my dream master programme at BCU
  • Spent the most amazing week on a yacht in Croatia
  • I worked at the Fringe, this time as a supervisor
  • Moved to Birmingham

That day, all I wanted to do was cry of happiness. The ceremony was beautiful, the Scottish weather was at its freaking BEST, all my people, THE ATMOSPHERE- this day was the reason I wanted to study in Scotland. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 


Croatia man! For one week we were island hopping and loving life on a yacht with six Aussies (who could easily be in a boyband, I mean look at them!). Truly the most beautiful, peaceful and fun week I have ever (?!) had. 

Now the move to Birmingham is a big part of this year. Not the happiest time and definately not the easiest. I miss Scotland all the time and I didn't think it was gonna be this hard to get used to another city on the same island. However, what ultimately counts is that I am studying my dream MA, which was the best decision, and I don't regret moving here. 

And now 2016- I think this is scarier than all the years before. I am going to be done with my MA, and actually starting the real life in the real world. Where people have jobs and stuff. BLURGH!

Happy new year guys!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Hello, it's me. (+reader survey!)

Well here we are, I am back! I never intended to take a break but I guess it just happened. After my last post I flew to Edinburgh and worked at the Edinburgh Fringe as a box office supervisor. You might remember that I worked there for the past two years as an assistant and this year I actually had my own team. It was the funnest year of Fringe so far- I had the loveliest people on my team, my co-supervsisor was a friend from last year, and all the staff in our venue was amazing. Very little sleep, so much socialising and having fun, I kinda wish it never ended.

my amazing Fringe team

My real adventure started after the Fringe though. In September, I moved down to Birmingham in England. My friend and flatmate from Edinburgh moved down there with me and after weeks of homelessness, we moved in to a typical English house. We now live there with five other people and we finally have double-gazed windows (for non UK peepz- this is a big deal)! 
I started my MA in Film Distribution and Marketing at Birmingham City University and I am really happy with it. After learning about the course about two years ago, I was obssessed with getting my MA and to think that it's finally here is insane. And now we already broke off for Christmas. Time just flies by! The program includes a visit to the Cannes Film Festival in May (or should I say placement, we actually get to work there!) and a three month internship in the summer while we write our dissertation. I am so excited for those two things, finally some real experience in the film industry!

my Uni in Birmingham
Now enough talking about the past, I want to talk about what is going to happen to this lovely online space. For this, I would love to hear your opinion! I have inserted a little survey below, and I would be ever so grateful if you could leave some answers. None of them are required, so you can only answer the ones you like (or only leave a comment at the last one). All answers are anonymous, so don't worry about admitting your secretest secrets. Other than that I want to start this blog properly in the New Year. Personally I want to write a few column-like posts and a few "opinion"-pieces. My general aim for the blog hasn't changed though. I always wanted to write this blog for people that want to do similar things- live abroad, travel, study in the UK etc... to give advice and show people how life is like in the UK (or wherever). And that is still where I am heading I think. SO yes, enough chitchat.

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Thanks for reading,thanks for sticking with me... and bring on the new year!