Monday, 14 December 2015

Hello, it's me. (+reader survey!)

Well here we are, I am back! I never intended to take a break but I guess it just happened. After my last post I flew to Edinburgh and worked at the Edinburgh Fringe as a box office supervisor. You might remember that I worked there for the past two years as an assistant and this year I actually had my own team. It was the funnest year of Fringe so far- I had the loveliest people on my team, my co-supervsisor was a friend from last year, and all the staff in our venue was amazing. Very little sleep, so much socialising and having fun, I kinda wish it never ended.

my amazing Fringe team

My real adventure started after the Fringe though. In September, I moved down to Birmingham in England. My friend and flatmate from Edinburgh moved down there with me and after weeks of homelessness, we moved in to a typical English house. We now live there with five other people and we finally have double-gazed windows (for non UK peepz- this is a big deal)! 
I started my MA in Film Distribution and Marketing at Birmingham City University and I am really happy with it. After learning about the course about two years ago, I was obssessed with getting my MA and to think that it's finally here is insane. And now we already broke off for Christmas. Time just flies by! The program includes a visit to the Cannes Film Festival in May (or should I say placement, we actually get to work there!) and a three month internship in the summer while we write our dissertation. I am so excited for those two things, finally some real experience in the film industry!

my Uni in Birmingham
Now enough talking about the past, I want to talk about what is going to happen to this lovely online space. For this, I would love to hear your opinion! I have inserted a little survey below, and I would be ever so grateful if you could leave some answers. None of them are required, so you can only answer the ones you like (or only leave a comment at the last one). All answers are anonymous, so don't worry about admitting your secretest secrets. Other than that I want to start this blog properly in the New Year. Personally I want to write a few column-like posts and a few "opinion"-pieces. My general aim for the blog hasn't changed though. I always wanted to write this blog for people that want to do similar things- live abroad, travel, study in the UK etc... to give advice and show people how life is like in the UK (or wherever). And that is still where I am heading I think. SO yes, enough chitchat.

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Thanks for reading,thanks for sticking with me... and bring on the new year!

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