Saturday, 21 June 2014

Note to myself: post more.

random photo booth picture

So the Edinburgh Film Festival 2014 is in full swing which means my days consist of commuting between the train station, the airport, our registration desk and cinemas. I am volunteering in the same position as last year, so I greet people at the airport/station or just register them/ give them their festival passes. It's good fun, especially because a few of my friends from last year came back again. And I just love this festival.

So far it's been really good being back in Edinburgh. I love the streets at night, being able to walk almost anywhere or just hop on a bus. Having my own kitchen, making my own food (all of this was not happening in Texas) and just being more independent again.
Not just independent, but actually having a room to myself again. It's weird, to be honest.

But that's another story, another post.
I WILL POST MORE, I promise.

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