Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'll be alright.

an updates version of all the states I visited in the US

I really really don't know why I find it so hard at the moment to keep this blog going. I have sooo many pictures to show, so much to tell you. It's just all in my head and doesn't want to get on to this blog for some reason. 

I am back home now, in Germany. My summer plans are similar (if not almost the same) to last summer: Move back to Edinburgh, volunteer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, then work again at my Fringe job. I am so so so ÜBER excited for the festivals, especially for the film one. The program is out now (click here) and there are great films coming to the festival as well as great people. Elijah Wood, for once- and then Simon Helberg, who plays Howard in the Big Bang Theory. How cool is that?

Other than that, I feel like getting rid of all my stuff. I had so much trouble coming back from the States- excess luggage wherever I went, seriously nice airport staff that didn't charge me for it, but also me leaving SO much stuff in hotel rooms because it just wouldn't fit. Denise called me a hoarder, but I just really don't like wasting stuff. Ugh.
So in a way I am looking forward to Edinburgh and re-moving back in to my room, but this time without unnecessary clutter and all of that. We will see how that goes.

 Okay summer 2014- here is to warm nights, beers in pubs, picnics in parks, making new friends, seeing old ones again, cooking in my own kitchen, gettin rid of stuff, not wearing socks, taking more pictures, watching more movies, discovering more of Edinburgh, mentally preparing for the last year in Scotland, planning da future.

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