Friday, 28 June 2013

Robbie Williams Concert {Take the Crown Tour 2013, Glasgow}

Phueew, I have anticipated this concert for soooo long and all of the sudden it was happening.It was a bit of a shame that I was going by myself, but oh well. The crowd was a bit strange to be honest, mostly middle aged women with pink glittery hats. Not sure who else I excpected though.

Now because he is still touring and I don't want to "ruin" the show for anyone, I will just put the rest of the post behind the cut. Don't read it when you are still going to see the show, I think it would just spoil a lot of the fun.


Olly Murs was opening up and he was quite good (such a good dancer!) but I was seriously just soo excited for Robbie. And Olly came back to sing 'Kids' with Robbie, which was really cool.

But to start from the beginning- the whole stage was crazy. They had special stuff for a lot of the songs, all in the shape of Robbie's head (haha). And then there was fire and smoke and for his special entrance and Robbie ziplined down from the sky. Haha kind of.

To be honest, I would have been devastated if he did not sing 'Angels'. Lastly, he did.
Uhff I still get goosebumps when I think about 50000 people singing this song.

I was so so so so close to the stage, my wrist band actually said: "we were here first. robbies super fanzone". I actually got the cheapest ticket there is and I cannot believe why people pay more than 100pounds to see him from super far away? Anyway, it was crazy. I have never been at a concert in a stadium, let alone with 50000 people who are only there for one single person. 

I loved the concert so much and I wish I could just relive it over and over again. 
(I actually ordered the live CD from the concert haha)
Fangirling over and out.

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