Monday, 1 July 2013

EIFF Closing Party

So the Film Festival is officially over (except for our staff party tonight) and I wish it could go on just a biiiit longer. It's been so great to meet all these fun people and know that we have this one thing in common: a love for film.

Before the party we were invited to watch "Not Another Happy Ending" in the fancy Festival Theatre (see picture) and walked the red carpet in a very unspectacular way. The film was a really beautiful film set in Scotland, however the story was a bit predictable. 
After that we celebrated one more time with filmmaker guests and everyone else who was invited. There were free drinks, free food and dancing in underground caves. It was totally crammed until the end but after midnight we finally had space to dance until the very last song.

I had a great time and will definately miss these kinds of parties.

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