Monday, 22 July 2013

Trip down South {part I}

I am just gonna break this down in several posts, mostly because I am tired but really wanna post these pictures now! So the rest will come tomorrow...

The train ride to Manchester was uneventful but the rest of the day was lovely- we spent some time playing with Fiona's super cute puppies, hung out in the garden with loads of beer and her Scottish friend who is convinced that I sound more Scottish than him.
We had a super nice dinner and even more drinks in town, spent all our pennies on slot machines and finally went to bed. 
It still amazes me how we just went back to being friends after 10 months of almost not speaking to each other.

So we drove down to Cardiff the next day, playing car games and eating way too much crap. We picked up Georgie from a bus stop in Cardiff and ended up in the strangest old men pub, waiting for Banana.

Now I have skipped a couple hours of buying alcohol, making food, getting ready and loads of reminiscing.
We went to Vodka Rev and had a well good time (a grammatically incorrect phrase I picked up from my lovely friends)- I got kinda obsessed with the shot boats and um... might have taken one home with me.

And after walking home for hours (it should have taken no longer than 30min) we found a Kebab shop, made some new friends and came home with our new meaty conquest (our eyes were definately bigger than our tummies as we were full after 1/5 of the kebab. oops)

Alright then, this was the first part of my trip- more to follow!

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