Friday, 5 July 2013

3 more TV shows- check.

Now I've got quite a lot of time on my hands, I watch even more Tv shows than during term time. Which is bad. I end up sitting on my bed for hours watching this show that I only started watching because I wanted 20 minutes of entertainment while I am eating or cooking.

So here are the three recent shows I watched-

This show is great for just simple entertaining and I used to watch Dawson's Creek when I was younger, so I even appreciate all the refernces to it.

I really like the dialogue in this one, which seems weird. And I like the characters, sort of.

Now this one I am proper obsessed with right now. I even randomly start to (trying and failing) sign while I talk. I just can't help it, I watch this show for pretty much 5 hours every day and somehow my brain thinks I need to sign, too. So I might take a sign language course, to actually do it right.

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