Friday, 26 July 2013

My favorite restaurant in the whole wide world

I guess everyone has a favorite restaurant. Sometimes it's in your home town, sometimes in a special town you used to live in. Obviously, when you travel you get to eat out a lot more than usual. When I was in New York as an Au-Pair, we ate out soo many times. It was fine though, we were never sick of American food and mostly always had enough money.
Double O was half way between my house and Miriam's house. So when we didn't feel like driving very far, we met up there.
It quickly turned into our favorite spot.


Maybe it was because of this dip that was served with the best bread before you order food (and it was for free!). Maybe it was because of the menu that had the most amazing salads, pasta, meat, fries, DESSERTS... I really don't know.
I love absolutely everything about this restaurant, the staff, the interior, the service, the prices (!)...
and now that I am finally allowed to drink alcohol as well.. the drinks are amazing. I remember one time I went there (by myself) just to have dessert and a cocktail. Haha

And this year I am going with Miriam again! I loved going with my Hostmom (who would pay) and gossip about the bartenders, but I am sooo looking forward to going with her and share the excitement with her!

1536 Rte 9 Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

(845) 297-7625


  1. Danke! Ich glaub ich hab gar keine Zeit mehr den zu lesen :( Ja, wir sind im Juli/August da!

  2. True. Everyone has that one favorite restaurant. That no matter how many classy or cozy places you dine in would always remain closest to your heart. And it's nice when going to that place becomes part of your life. Have you tried in other Double O branch? Do you find the staff as friendly, the interior as familiar and the food as comforting? :)