Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cardiff trip {part II}

 The hungover had to be cured and we were craving American diner food, so we went to Cafe 37. It was so good, proper American choices, cheap and the Nutella milkshake-yuuummy.

It was such a hot day. Jeeezus. Lying in the shade was seriously the only option.


We went out the night before, but there are only crappy pictures. Live Lounge offered 2-4-1 cocktails, ALL NIGHT! Saay what? Need to find a place like this in Edinburgh! Strange crowd though.
Anyway, the following day we went to the beach (Ogmore-by-Sea) and we went swimming- in Britain, keep that in mind. Never thought I was gonna do that! I got bored by just lying there at some point and offered my services in hot stone treatments. The crowd was pleased, lets leave it at that.

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