Thursday, 1 August 2013

My job at the Fringe {update}

Okay, so my first 8 hour shift of my new job is done and I really like the job. It's not like in the call centre where you have to keep calling people the whole time. Because that's seriously all you have to do there. Here we can chat, get to see people and learn so much new stuff- who knew that Ireland doesn't do postcodes? I didn't.
Anyway, I am super happy with the people I work with and I am very excited to be around them for all of August. I have no clue about any of the British comedy or theatre people performing at the Fringe, so it's good to be with people who do have a clue. Or get inspired by people telling me that they are going to see over 100 shows in August. o m g
One show I really do wanna see is Drum Struck. They give everyone in the audience drums so it's not just people performing, but you actually get to take part in it. Man, I am sold.

pictures partly taken from Instagram: x,x,x

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