Thursday, 15 August 2013

When there is only enough time for one episode...

It has become a bad habit, but when you live by yourself, dinner time is just not that fun. So I just watch an episode of something, anything. I don't really like rewatching stuff so I always look for new stuff. And I am on a test period for Netflix right now, which has been so good!
"Orange is the new black" is a new series with just one season so far. And oh man, it is SO GOOD. The series has loads of different characters, but there is no way of confusing them (which I sometimes hate when there are so many) because they are all so unique and special.
Basically it's about this white chick going to jail for a year because of something she has done yeeears ago. It has an amazing cast, almost all female, it plays with all the prison cliches you know, turns them around and you end up liking characters you never thought you would. They ended up in jail because of bad choices. And we all make bad choices at some point, don't we?

I am so so excited for the second season as the first season finale was CRAZY!!!!

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