Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Puppet up! {1 week Fringe- check}

Puppet Up! is actually not what you think. This is a show for adults, no kids allowed. So it's a puppet show for adults, produced by one of the Hensons', the creator of the Muppets!
The show is really fascinating, as you get to see the puppets on the screen like you would on TV but then you also see the people performing with the puppets. Switching between the two of them and watching how the puppets come alive is incredible!
It is improv, so every show is unique in a way. People shout out where they want the puppets to be, what they want them to do.. and they just go with it. There are insanely talented people on the stage, it's very fun to watch them mess up as well as come up with the funniest shit within a couple of seconds. I really wanna go again as I cannot imagine it getting any less fun the next time!

 In terms of my job- I really enjoy it and I am so happy about it! Going to work is not yet associated with any horrible feelings, wooho!I feel like I need to invest more of my free time in to watching shows, but the idea of sleeping in is more attractive most of the time. Oh well.

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