Sunday, 18 August 2013

Military Tattoo {Edinburgh 2013}

Every tourist in Edinburgh knows about the Military Tattoo, I suppose. It's on 50% of the postcards (for christs sake) and so far more than 12 million people have seen it. It's on every night in August, sometimes even twice a night and in the last 63 years not a single performance has ever been cancelled. There are performances from various countries, so it's not just hours of pure bagpiping.

Julia and I bought tickets in July (it's selling out quite quickly) and went to see it two days ago.
I went in with not that many expectations and I ended up really liking it. I am not much into that whole war remembering thing or motorbike stunts, but other than that the performances were so impressive! A marching band from New Zealand played Gangnam Style, they projected pictures onto the castle (my favorite) and loads of bagpiping, which I really enjoy. Our tickets were among the cheapest (26£) and our seats were just fine. It is clearly a very touristy event but for that night it was alright. Julia took amazing pictures and I am just waiting so I can show them to you!

And this is my goose bumps moment from the finale- I reuploaded it from Instagram, so hopefully everyone can see it. Just a couple seconds of Scottish magic. 

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