Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Packing for New York


Ooooh, the idea of a place that is hot and sunny, a place where I don't have to work and serve customers... It's quite hard to imagine at the moment. Even harder to imagine that I will at this place in only two weeks! 

In a way the Fringe is what I imagined: The city is FULL of tourists and people in costumes, work is exhausting and stressful, the weather is good and bad and confusing, the days are just flying by... we are already halfway through the festival, what is even HAPPENING?

I am so so so excited for New York, I cannot believe I am actually going. That I am going to be back at the house, see the cat again, the kids (haha love the order I am mentioning them in), the city I love so much and do whatever we want. Oohh seems like a dream!
So I bought a new bikini, an Iphone charger for our road trip and an underwater case for it as well. 
Tanning oil and flipflops are a must, so excited to be able to wear them eeevery day.



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  1. Yay, I'll go to New York as well! But a little bit later.
    And it's just for my Au pair program. :D