Friday, 2 August 2013

3 reviews in a flash {comedy & food tips}

Yesterday was my first day off (after only one day of working, which means I got two days off left for the next... 25 days- fun times). Anyway, after taking loads of time to do boring housewife stuff, Julia and I headed down to Old Town, check out the Royal Mile and the street performers.

We then tried to find a restaurant that wasn't occupied by loads of tourists, so we found the Spanish restaurant Iggs & Barioja. We went for the tapas bar and ordered several dishes to share as well as red wine with lemonade. Ooooh, it was amazing! The prices were absolutely fine and sharing everything was so much fun. The couple on the table next to us ordered literally everything and it all looked super good- they also have a unlimited food offer for 20pounds. We are definately gonna check that out!

We then headed to the City Cafe for some dessert (Honey and Hazelnut Parfait, yum yum) and a drink. It looks like a proper American diner, cute booths with red leather seats, breakfast all day and a proper menu full of burgers and even a burger challenge. Man vs Food anyone?

We then headed down to the basement of the City Cafe because Anil Desai's Fringe show was on. It was free but among the Fringe madness this show hasn't gotten a lot of hype yet, so there were only four other people there. And us. I have never really reviewed a comedy show, so all I can say is: it waas funny and he didn't make the audience feel awkward. Awkwardness is probably my biggest "fear", so to say. Silence and weird jokes within a small room just reminds me of a seriously dodgy comedy stand up show in a Manhattan basement. So this was nothing like it and we really enjoyed it- the best part was probably the impressions of famous movie stars. Hilarious and so spot on!
If someone is in town for the Fringe, definitely go and check him out, he deserves more than six people in the audience.

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