Wednesday, 26 June 2013

People I met/saw so far {EIFF 2013}

We took this picture on the night on the Ceilidh and it was actually very awkward and embarrasing, so I would rather talk about the other time we met him! He came to our reception desk the on Monday, accompanied by another jury member (that's why he is at the Film Festival) and some other staff. They were showing him around and strangely went over to our desk, asked that we would be introduced (by names!)- And then the photographer of the Film Festival says she wants us to be in a picture with him. Hahahah OKAY!
So I am indeed in another picture with him. I really hope that woman uploads it soon or we have to personally stalk her and her camera. That was such a weird thing and usually really doesn't happen. I mean, we are just registration. SO yeah, that was that.

Now about all the other people. There have been quite a few people around, from EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Skins and all these other British shows I don't really watch.
But it's always fun to look them up on google and stalk them a little bit! I had to go to the train station quite a lot to pick up those people, stand there with a sign and bring them to their cars. My favorite was Andrew Douglas (picture click here), who directed 'Amytyville Horrow' and also 'uwantme2killhim', which is premiering at the Festival. He came with his beautiful wife (who starred in Scrubs and Princess Diaries!) and their beautiful little son. They were super nice and I am really excited to go and see his film. I wish I could have seen his Q&A, but that was at the same time as the Robbie concert. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Here we go, some more visuals of who I met/saw.

Jamie Blackley at the We Are The Freaks photocall
This is Jamie Blackley, who was in Misfits, Snow White and the Huntsman and is starring in two films premiering at the Festival: 'uwantme2killhim' and 'We are the freaks'.

Natalie Dormer on the red carpet for the European premiere of Breathe In
Oh yes, Natalie Dormer. From Game of Thrones or the Tudors. She was at the Opening Gala and is just sooo beautiful!

Director Drake Doremus and Felicity Jones arriving on the red carpet for Breathe In at the Festival Theatre
Felicity Jones and the director of 'Breathe In'. Saw them both at the Opening Night as well.

Robert Carlyle photocall prior to Radio 5 Live
Oh yeees, Robert Carlyle! He was in so many films I haven't seen yet, but right now he plays Rumpelstilkin in 'Once Upon a Time'. We went to a kind of personal event with him, where people could ask him questions after a really cool interview with a journalist. We also waited outside for him (haha we creepers) and got a picture with him as well as an autograph. He was super nice!

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King at a photocall for Battle of the Sexes at  the Dominion
Now this I thought was really cool- 'Battle of the Sexes' is a documentary about Billy Jean King and these so called tennis matches in 1973. We picked her up from the airport, so that was really cool! I also picked up the director of the film, who was really sweet. I really need to go and see this film now!

Alright, I think this is it so far! The Festival ends on Sunday with a Closing Party, so hopefully that's gonna be fun as well! I really loved seeing all these people, especially picking them up and talking to them.

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