Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Films I watched so far {EIFF 2013}

I feel like my days consist of working and sleeping and nothing else. Which is not true, but I definately don't spend that much time in front of my laptop anymore.
I feel that so much has happened during these last couple days that I cannot fit it into one post.
So to start with, here are the films I watched.

I went to the first public screening of The East and it was followed by a Q&A with the 
director, so that was preeetty cool. I loved the film, it was intense and thrilling and makes 
you hate the world a little bit. The cast was brilliant and the director explained how he 
and Brit Marling lived in this sort of community (thats portrayed in the film) for a whole

Magic Magic- I watched it last night because I like Michael Cera- this is so different
than what he has done before. It is set in Chile and very very beautiful, but such a
strange film! 

Frances Ha- We watched this as part of our staff training (how cool is that?) and I liked
it- it's in black and white and about a girl who is kina stuck between being young and
careless and growing up.

You and Me Forever- Now this is a Danish film and belongs to the strand of "Not
Another Teen Movie"- It's about two best friends and what happens to their friendship
when another girl moves into town and gets in between the two. Quite nice, although for
once I just felt that I am so happy not to be 16 anymore. 

Mister John-
I haven't heard amazing reviews from the others about this film,
but I wanted to see it anyway because I quite liked the story: It's about a guy
who goes to Asia where his brother lived and suddenly died. He kinda "slips"
into his brother's old life. It's a really slow film, only little dialogue. I imagined it
way more thrilling and full of action but I still liked it.

Shooting Bigfoot
Omg, this film was hilarious! It was the premiere and the director was sitting in as well. It's such an interesting documentary, mostly because of the characters in it. I loved every bit of it and would love to see it again - definately my favorite so far!

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