Tuesday, 22 January 2013

traveling 2013- PART 1 (Iceland)

Based on my ever changing travel plans these days, I thought this post series would be a good idea.
Just now it is Iceland.

I have always wanted to go to Iceland but pushed it aside a bit because of the expensive flights. And the other day I saw that easyjet flies directly (!!) from Edinburgh to Reykjavik- how crazy is that? Also, it is really not that expensive.
So here we go.

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Whale Watching 
Summer season is the best for whale watching- perfect!

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 The Blue Lagoon- this is so cool!

and the probably staying at this really cool hostel:
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  1. Direktflüge?!?!?! Wir hatten wohl immer das gleiche Problem mit zu teuer :D leider gibts diese inspired by iceland aktion nicht mehr wo dir iceländer quasi ihr iceland gezeigt haben :(