Saturday, 26 January 2013

It's the little things...

that can make your day-
like the day when our landlord told us that we could buy a new toaster for up to 30pounds and he would reimburse us. Because right now, there is a hairband holding the thing down so the toaster does his job. Or you have to hold it down. ANNOYING!
So I remembered this amazing toaster that I saw on the internet and checked the price: 29,97 booyaaa
via x
Next week this baby should be with us and I AM SO EXCITED- it can boil and poach eggs, cook bacon and sausages and obviously toast the shit out of every kind of bread/bagel/roll.

So far Margaux has the theory that this is going to be like the sandwich toaster- use it every day for a week and then never use it again-

BUT I don't believe it. How can you get bored by toast and eggs?

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