Friday, 26 October 2012

gotta love fridays

Vodka Rev's shot menu/ my room/ vodka sign/ katy perry wig/ living room fun/ cute article/ pretty edinburgh/ cute candy in john lewis/ making apple pie/ best flatmates bring you hot dogs from a shop that doesnt sell hot dogs/ my street/ flat party fun/ studying is not complete without snacks/ homemade apple pie/ bought a bit too many mushrooms/ italian film for class/ birthday bash/ everyday drive by the beach/ heart full of pictures/ princes park/ liisa draws us during our presentation/ studying in the living room/ cake with julia/ mona&amelie/ we now have a starbucks at uni!

I love Fridays!
Developing an idea for a serious video game, driving by the beach with the bus always cheers me up and now home time. Time is flying again and speaking of flying, my flights home are booked. Going home n the 13th of December and coming back on the 29th for new Years- excited (not about the fact that I have to fly from Manchester because Ryanair cancelled the Edinburgh-Bremen route for the winter- sucks!)!

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  1. wooooow i wish we could celebrate christmas together <3 :(