Friday, 14 December 2012

big catch up post.

So much has happened over the last couple weeks- first of all, I am now one of those Iphone bitches as well. Could not resist and the BB got on my nerves. The new touch keyboard annoys me so much but I will probably get used to it.
So that is also why I have quite some pictures to show you.
Essay writing. Lots of it! The pretty christmas tree in uni. the pretty new starbucks we got in uni. classes where no one turns up. gift giving in our flat. our gifts! our good bye dinner. the board game I got for the flat (tension). pizza delivery. web designing driving me mad. edinburgh graveyard. farmers market. donut thing. reindeers!!! mischief. band playing in a bar.

Lord of the Rings marathon (10 hours in the cinema!!!). Officially, all tan has gone. prettiest gift from julia!! marathon times. christmas lunch at uni. had to go to manchester airport to fly home, so I stayed in a hostel- and watched Harry Potter. pretty edinburgh. uni one last time in 2012. cute doggy picked me up from airport! christmas party at julias. edinburgh christmas market. cute fat kitty.

I am home in Germany now for about two weeks and surprisingly I managed to finish the essay about the Hunger Games early, as well as the website and other uni stuff so I could fly home relaxed. Semester is more or less over, except this one silly exam in January. Cannot believe how quick it all goes by again. I am so looking forward to the next semester- more fun stuff and a way better timetable. The one this semester was just horrible. In general I liked this semester, we talked about really interesting topics and I really really do like my course but last year felt better somehow. Maybe it is because I moved into town and have to get through this 40min bus ride each way. You obviously think twice about actually going, which is so bad. Should get more ambitious.
Anyway, I am looking forward to a lot of doing nothing, reading, catching up on stuff & people and stuffing myself with a lot of yummy german food until I go home to Edinburgh for NewYears.

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  1. vorsatz fürs nächste semester: mehr sachen gemeinsam machen! ich würde sagen, du, mona und ich haben ein date beim inder, wenn wir alle wieder da sind!