Tuesday, 3 December 2013


A little late yes, but oh well. This was our Thanksgiving (inspired) dinner last week. We have never had that many people over for food,but it worked out fantastic. Everyone brought a dish, we made turkey and even though we were worried about not having enough food, it was (of course) way too much and we had leftovers for days! I really can't say how nice it was to have so many friends for such a nice dinner.
And to make it proper legit, my new American friend (haha) was there as well! She is doing exchange at my Uni at the moment but her actual University is St. Edward's, my future exchange uni! It feels good to know that I can cling to her when I am in Texas, haha. Speaking of Texas, it is scary how close it is getting! My passport arrived safely with my new visa in it, so thank god that is sorted out. Veeeery slowly I am thinking about what to pack but I am still very involved here in Edinburgh, so I don't really want to think about leaving. I don't know why I am feeling so weird about going away, god knows I have been away longer! 5 months is really not that long. Anyway, two more weeks to go here in Edinburgh and that means one essay, two exams, packing my room up, going to the christmas market and other shenanigans. Let's do it!

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