Thursday, 18 September 2014

Independence is good, right?

photo credit: Ben Cooper via photopin
Today is the day.
Scotland votes if it wants to be an independent country or not.

Almost 95% of all people are registered to vote for this referendum. This is crazy and only one indicator of how big this thing is gonna be. Personally I am happy I am not voting (I could, but I feel it's not my decision and shouldn't be), by this stage there are just way too many emotions attached to all of this. Months and months of trying to convince people, advertising, non stop flyering and brochures all over the place. Discussions, fights and so much bickering. What if and trallala. And now the day is here.

The atmosphere is crazy. People wearing yes/no buttons, flat windows covered in according stickers and banners, camera men on every corner- you cannot escape from it.

Voting on independence man, that is massive. And you can taste it in the air, I am tellin you. Pubs are going to stay open longer tonight, until the results are in. Which might be around like 6am. But what is gonna happen if they vote yes- or what if it's gonna be a no? So far the race is so damn close, which makes it even more crazy to think about. Is this gonna end in a huge party or a huge riot? So many people are so passionate about this country and that makes this big deal infinitely huge and special. I love Scotland deeply and really hope for the best-- but more than anything, I AM SO SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS REFERENDUM. This is not a casual thing, this is gonna be something you tell your kids about in 30 years. And I am so nervous and so giddy about tomorrow's party.
Because whatever will happen, I am gonna celebrate with the winners.
How exciting is this democracy thing people?!

SEE YOU TOMORROW, when maybe everything will be different. Or not.

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  1. i can't even imagine how ecxiting this all must be for you. but i can say, that the world is watching you guys. me, too!

    all the best for your country! whatever this "best" might look like in the end.