Sunday, 17 January 2016

10 things you should know before moving to Edinburgh...

If you (lucky bastard) are thinking about moving to Edinburgh, here is a list of things you should know and consider before doing so. But let me tell you, each negative aspect is outweighed by ten positive things. 

1. Your uniform includes wellies and a rain coat (oh and you gotta get over your hair looking good)
2. You will have to try haggis. You will LOVE it, sooner or later.
3. The combination of wind and single glazed windows creates a beautiful symphony of draft. Get used to it.
4. Cancel all plans you have for August, because it is FRINGE TIME.
5. Shona at Benefit will give you the BEST eyebrows. Promise.
6. You gotta learn how to Ceilidh. Fear not, your best bet is a Friday night at the Ghillie Dhu.
7. Your friends and non friends will use you as a hotel because you simply live in the most beautiful city
8. Going to the Highlands is a must (in every season!) and they will make you weep.
9. Most greasy food places close before the clubs close. That is annoying, but there is always that corner shop on North Bridge that plays party music and sells samosas.

10. It is the most beautiful city of all and moving anywhere else will ruin your life.


  1. Das mit dem Hotel kenne ich inzwischen auch schon aus Hamburg! :D Ich hab's ja gerne, aber es ist echt lustig, weil ich früher im Süden gewohnt habe und die verwöhnten Großstädter da nie hinkommen wollten...

    1. haha ja, nach Birmingham will auch keiner :D