Wednesday, 25 September 2013

what's going on/// September

After 20 months my best friends from home and I were all on the same continent again- something we have to celebrate! We have spent the last couple of days catching up- and now I am all by myself again :(

One Sunday in August I went to get a nose piercing. I felt like getting one for quite some time and then I just did it. I love it and in New York I finally put the nose ring in instead of the stud.

Uni started again and we are so excited (haha)- I am love with most of my modules, my schedule is almost perfect and I learned that my grades this semester don't count towards my degree. Phew!

 In terms of Texas and my semester abroad there are no news- I am just waiting for official confirmations so I can finally book and sort everything out... this waiting annoys me so much!!!!!

last but not least-  I forgot how much I love my flatmates!!!

I am just going through all my pictres of New York and Vegas- so next couple of posts are gonna be alllll about my trip!

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