Monday, 30 September 2013

New York trip {day 4/ going upstate!}

On that Monday, which was Labor Day, we checked out of the hostel and took the train upstate to go to my former host family. I hate saying that they are my host family because they are so much more than that. When I talk about them I just say they are my family, because that is what they are to me. Everytime I visit it just feels like home- the cat that still remembers me, my pictures in the house, my old room, driving on those streets, knowing exactly where to go, knowing people in that area... how could it not?
At my farewell party 3 years ago there were no people my age- it was basically just the mom's of the kids friends. And now when I go to the kids soccer games they are still there and they still remember me, which warms my heart every time. It was such a special year we had there and it felt SO natural to be there with Miriam, it was like no time had passed at all.

I don't really want to post a lot of pictures of the kids as I don't think they should be online-  but man it's scary how big they got. How annoyingly grown up they are, not falling for kids stuff anymore. Thank god I am not their nanny anymore, it was definitely easier before they knew all the swear words!

So we spent the whole week with them, played baseball, went to the movies, ate at our favorite places, went shopping in our favorite mall, went swimming, cuddled with the cats, made too many pancakes, had too much ice cream and candy... and planned our trip to Vegas!

All about that crazy adventure tomorrow!

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