Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Why Vegas// {Las Vegas trip}

So yeah, why Vegas?
Haha good question. After everything I posted about our road trip, going to Rhode Island etc...we flew across the continent...and landed in Sin City.

Well. Renting a car is easier when you are 25, that's for sure. If you are not, they charge you all sorts of crazy shit money. So our car would have been really expensive. I don't know, that combined with the fact that Miriam is a little bit crazy and it somehow felt right saying 'Vegas baby', we ditched our old plans and just booked Vegas.
I struggled a bit more with the decision, but then it was a fat case of #YOLO, so I just stopped thinking about my credit card and went for it. So what, I am young (now that my credit card statement came I did feel a bit older though).

The thing about our Vegas trip is that it was really cheap- I will tell you more about that, but let me tell you- flights with a good airline and a good hotel for little money- we were in! Also we booked it only a couple days before our departure, so we were really happy. What's not so cheap of course is Vegas itself obviously but I think we made the best out of it. We knew Vegas already so we didn't go crazy and just took it for what it was.

5 days of sun in a crazy city that is made for holidays.


More pictures tomorrowwww x

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