Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Las Vegas trip {summary}

We stayed in the Luxor hotel, which is the big pyramid at the end of the Strip. We had a nice view of the pool and mountains outside Vegas. It was a good hotel but if you compare it to Caesar's Palace (where we stayed last time)- phew.... that hotel deserved its 5 stars!

So I don't really remember what we did every day, it all blurrssss in to one big day somehow. So this is a little mix up of what we were up to:

A little trip to Caesar's Palace to gamble, get a little drunk on funny drinks in funny containers... and the lovely Eiffel tower at night...

Oh yes, Vegas is definitely better at night..

More funny drinks in funny cups. This time at the pool (with the big pyramid behind me!).

Jeez, that lift was horrible! You could hear it rattle which does not make you feel good about being in a lift.

You can't see it but I am playing a Hangover slot machine and it was SO much fun, I am still sad because I ran out of money. Dang it.

I already wanted to see the tigers last time we were there. I don't know if you are familiar with Siegfried and Roy, but they were the biggest stars of Vegas with their magic show and tigers, until Roy got injured by his tiger in 2003.
I think my expectations were a bit different and also I don't know if those were the actual 'cats' that used to be in the show... but it was a bit sad to see- I like zoos when you see happy animals and this did not feel like that sort of place...and as much as I ADORE dolphins, I am never sure what to think of all of this.

but they were SO cute.

sleepy lion.
So yeah. I didn't take that many pictures with my big camera and a lot of the Iphone pictures are just... food haha. There will be another post about Vegas, but this was the big picture post- stay tight!

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