Sunday, 6 October 2013

Me and my flatmates.

These past weeks have been just sort of settling back in to my life here. Over the summer I was living in this flat by myself mostly and it has been so different. I really forgot how much I love living with Margaux and Mona- when I am in a bad mood, I just go home and I know that they will cheer me up. We have a ritual of watching series together (like all of them), going through the funniest YouTube videos, talk about anything and nothing, cuddle up on the coach together because our flat it so cold, dance offs, bake offs and whatnot. We wear the weirdest granny clothes in the flat, binge eat through our cupboards, share our shirts, shoes and jackets. I really can't imagine living with people you couldn't do these things with.

I am really sad that I will miss out on so much when I am in Texas.
(But we are planning to go to Turkey at the end of next summer so yay!)

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