Saturday, 5 October 2013

It's that time of the year again {Halloween}

Well I think we all know that I love Halloween to bits- dressing up is my favorite part but it's even more fun to see all the great costumes and ideas that people had (go hard or go home).


Now I love Breaking Bad and would love to dress up as one of the guys, but my flat decided to do a group costume (much more fun!!) so I had to let it go. Also I am not sure how I would look with a bold mask on... mhh..
2 Broke Girls is just so distinctive and easy to do, but again there are only 2 Broke Girls and not three. So this one is out as well-
I am not sure if you have seen that stupid 'what does the fox say' video and it follows that whole Harlem Shake path, so meh... but I am sure a lot of people will dress up like this. I was already asked if they could borrow my fox onesie.

However, Mona Margaux and I are going to have a sort of group costume. I am not gonna say what it is yet, but I am soo excited!!! It's nothing new but still pretty cool I think.
 Of course it's movie related, that's just one hint.
 We are also having a Halloween party at our flat which goes along with our costumes (haha) and I hope it's gonna be amazing.

So this is definitely not the last Halloween related post (¬‿¬)
What are you dressing up as this year?

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