Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Scotland on Screen {part I, Edinburgh}

Just for fun, I am going to do a couple of posts about this. Maybe this will get me motivated for my essay, maybe it will just distract me. Oh we will see. So I kept thinking about films shot in Edinburgh and there are (sadly) really not that many films that show Edinburgh in all its glory. A lot of possibilities for more films to come and I am sure a lot will change over the next years. But for now, here it is- Films that are set in Edinburgh. Or feature Edinburgh. 

Filth (2013)- Man what a freaking filthy and bathshit crazy film. Not sure if I should like it, but it is worth seeing just because of James MacAvoy, who is incredibly fantastic. Although I was thinking of Mr Tumnus a bit too much when watching it.

Sunshine on Leith (2013)- Aw yes, I loved loved loved it! It is such a cute little film, beautiful non stop and the ending..cuteezzz!! It also felt very special watching this film here in Edinburgh with what seemed to be a lot of locals- I think everyone enjoyed it!

One Day (2011)- I must say I enjoyed the books more than the film and Edinburgh is only featured for a tiny bit, but it is still lovely.  

Trainspotting(1996)- I have to admit I haven't seen it yet (it's on the endless list of films I need to see) but it is the prime example of Edinburgh on screen.And Kevin McKidd is in there, one more reason to see it sooooon.

(There are obviously more film than this and you can read about them here , for example)

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