Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A little update. {with an unrelated picture}


I cannot believe we are already in the sixth week of this semester and bla bla, it's almost winter. To be honest, I am ready to skip this so called "fall" and go right in to Christmas mode. Just bring it on and get it over with. Anyway, I feel like I haven't done a proper update since America so here we go:
  • Starting 7th January 2014 this will all turn a little Texan over here. I cannot wait for a little less winter and all of the other adventures waiting for me!
  • I have a new job! You might remember how I worked in a call centre last year during the semester. It is a tough job because people yell at you and thinking that you are selling hoovers to them or something like that (the fact you are not doesn't even matter to them). So I was looking for other jobs but it's really hard to find a job here when you haven't got experience in retail or waitressing... And then all of a sudden this job at a dentist fell in to my lap. I was supposed to do secretary work but when they saw my CV, I was suddenly promoted to their sort of PR and Marketing advisor. Haha, can you believe it?
  • Julia and I are doing a video for a hotel here in Edinburgh and they give us free nights and whatnot as a 'reward'. I am super excited when it's finally finished!
  • Speaking of making videos, I am very much in the mood for making something cool about our life here, so me and my flatmates are going to do a sort of 30 day video challenge. We will see how that's gonna turn out, but I am very very very eager to do it!


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