Friday, 14 March 2014

This was Spring Break.

first night in South Padre
So we are back from South Padre Island and back to Austin, where South by Southwest is in full action. I have never properly understood what SXSW is, but here a little summary: The largest music festival in the world of its kind- caaraazyyyy. But not just that, there is also a film part and an interactive part and so much more. So for about a week Austin is crowded with people, bands and famous people. The sort of annoying thing is that you have to buy a badge/pass for the official access to all the events. There are badges just for the single parts such as film or the platinum pass which pretty much includes everything. However, that shiny thing costs you about a whooping 1800$.
Ummm yes. There is enough other crazy stuff for free or the so called RSVP madness, where you sign up for a free waiting list and you maybe get in when there is enough space. So that is what we will be doing for the rest of the week. 

South Padre has been loads of fun, including drama, a lot of rain, a lot of alcohol and full of lovely moments. I find it crazy to think that I know these people for only just about three months and we are so close: So strangely close that outsiders barely have a chance and don't really understand our group dynamic. However, this craziness also means that as much as we love each other, we hate each other just as much sometimes. Exhausting to say the least.
Anyway, we spent every single night at Louie's Backyard, the typical spring break bar with people who cannot distinguish between activities you do on the dance floor and in the bedroom. We had not that much luck, it was raining for pretty much every day except the last one. Oh well, so we just went to the jacuzzi instead. Don't mind if I do!
(no clue who those girls on the left are)

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