Monday, 3 March 2014

Oh life.

I mean, seriously? Watching moments like this is one of my favorites during the Oscars. I find it fascinating how they form this community and also how people such as Ellen or Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel become such friends with them.

 This one is finally turning 21 today. Hooray! Actually just an excuse to have cake, of course

This weekend was a bit slow for me, because I was on antibiotics thanks to my friend bronchitis >< Hopefully it's all gone now. This week is gonna be so stressful, URGGG!!! I have a presentation, a mid term in French Cinema, more stuff to finish that's gonna happen right after Spring Break... I am so glad when we hit Friday! And then on Saturday, we are leaving for South Padre, wooho! Cannot believe how time is flying again.

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