Tuesday, 25 February 2014

just breathe

I am so happy here that it scares me. Life is so easy here, so good and fun. I love all my people here, I have no difficulties with the Uni work, I love exploring this country and I love to learn that I really don't need that much alone time. Nothing feels better than walking to class with the sun shining in your face, a warm breeze in your hair, meeting lovely people you know everywhere on campus, the beautiful Austin skyline always in the background... the weekends are full of parties, good food and hanging out. And  still I can't stop thinking about the end of the semester- I also still don't have a clue what I will do in my free time in May. Annoying!

Last weekend we danced the night away at The Ranch on West 6th, went to a crazy cliche co-op party at UT (the other massive school here in Austin), enjoyed the almost 30 degree summer weather and celebrated Homecoming here at St. Edward's- with a casino night, basketball games and other activities.

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  1. AAAw joyce, du siehst so huebsch in dem foto aus<3 kannst deinen boring may mit steffi in falun, sverige verbringen;)