Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Orleans #2

Okay I just realised that my pictures should probably have come first, but whatever. Some pictures of the car journey, we also drove through Houston on our way to New Orleans, got stuck in traffic there. And then some pics of us in the first bar on that night.

Now some pictures of the next day, the French quarter and market, pretty architecture and so on... awwww I just love the city!

And lastly, the boys:
It was a great trip, except for when we wanted to leave and our car had a clamp on the tire. The idiots from the parking spot decided that we didn't pay (but we did) so they booted us. Omg we were SO ANGRY! We had to pay 100$ for them to take it off. Denise and I drove the whole way back without sleeping, we just couldn't. So instead we had 6 Red Bulls and talked all night until we finally made it back to campus at 6am. By that time we were so tired that we just started laughing at everything. I am actually still tired, even though I slept 10 hours last night. It 8.30pm now and I could just fall asleep. 
I might even do that now.

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