Monday, 3 February 2014


1# Super Bowl Sunday
To be honest, the only move I understand is a touchdown. Everything else is just weird to me- we watched it in the lounge with everyone, eating pizza and wings. Fun! And how cute is Bruno Mars?

2# Philip Seymour Hoffman
I am so so sad and shocked about this. He wasn't my favorite actor or anything, but it just makes me sad to see such talented people die for such stupid reasons.

3# New Orleans
On the weekend of Valentine's Day we are going to New Orleans. SO excited! Mardi Gras is in the beginning of March but apparently the parades are starting earlier than that. Woohoo!

4# Oscars
I am so so happy that I can watch the Oscars here, on Tv, at a reasonable time. So I got around a month to watch ALL of the nominated movies. HERE WE GO!

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